Remember Those Saturday Matinee Serials, The Appetizer For the Main Movie?

I was listening to my favorite morning show the other day and they were complaining about the “commercials” now before the start of the movies. It’s amazing how times have changed. We haven’t been to a movie since the 80s, when we saw Rocky III in the theatre. With the advent of the VCR and now DVDs all of our movie watching is done this way. Love the pause button, no one sitting in front of me, and not having to pay exorbitant prices for the snacks, since I can make my own.The movie theatre does, however, bring back a lot of memories of days gone past.. Going to the movies was a family event and for many teens a “date night” event. Prices were reasonable back then. In addition to indoor theatres we also had the drive-in movies which was a completely different experience.When we were children, the best time to go to the movies was with our friends on Saturday afternoons. We’d take our 10 cents or quarter in later years, to the local theater and get to watch not only a great movie, but those wonderful cliff hanger serials. They always kept us coming back to see how the hero would get out of each chapter’s jam. We didn’t want to miss the next chapter.Of course, some things will always remain the same. We all had to hit the “concession stand” and get our soda, popcorn, Goobers, Raisinettes, and/or favorite chocolate bar to munch on while we watched. When we were young we wanted to sit up front, when we grew older, the further back the better.I can still remember taking my younger brother to the movies on Saturday’s. I paid 50 cents and he got in for free since he was under the age of 12. We were still getting “serials” before the movies, they were a part of the whole experience and plus if you wanted to see the next one you had to go the next week too, and who didn’t. We didn’t want to miss the next chapter of such greats as Flash Gordon, Commando Cody, Dick Tracy, Zorro or Smilin’ Jack to name a few.Hearing about the theatres today, the small screens, crowded theatres, cell phones, the exorbitant prices for snacks, and all the other “things” going on, makes me glad for the “old time movies and television shows” on DVD today. This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy some of today’s movies and television, we do. However, I will take those “Saturday Matinee Serials” before the main feature over the “commercials” any day of the week.